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If you’re looking for an InCruises review… you’ve
probably seen how this seems like a no-brainer
for anyone who cruises.

Here’s why you should not join:

  • You don’t plan on cruising at least twice a year
  • You don’t want to share this membership with others
  • You can’t resist free ice cream 24/7! ?:-)

Otherwise, here’s a quick explanation of what InCruises is
all about:



As you can see, it’s a simple concept that does two things perfectly…

  1. You can save at least 50% off the lowest priced cruise, booked anywhere!
  2. You can cruise for free and even get paid by sharing this with others.

People are attracted to this because there is nothing to explain about the product.

Not like health products.

People know how AWESOME cruising is!

InCruises sole product is a cruise membership costing $100 a month.

This membership gives members?$200 a month in ?Cruise Dollars?.

Cruise Dollars?can be used towards booked cruises?through ANY website
or company.

InCruises is the first to apply this membership concept to the cruise industry and will
catch on very fast.

How You Make Money Cruising and Getting Your Membership For Free

InCruises affiliate are paid directly for selling $100 cruise memberships in groups of three.

Anytime you sell 3 in a month, an InCruises affiliate is paid a $100 commission.

A Coaching Bonus of $100 is also payable if a?recruit affiliate receives a cruise membership commission within 30 days of joining the company.

When an InCruises affiliate sells five $100 cruise memberships to retail customers or recruited affiliates, they trigger a $10 per month residual commission per subscriber.

Additionally if an InCruises affiliate themselves has a cruise membership, the monthly $100 fee is waived.

Also, for big marketers, there is some large bonuses available when you build a big team.

InCruises affiliates are paid the following monthly bonuses for qualifying at specific affiliate ranks:

  • Marketing Manager ? $500 a month
  • Senior Marketing Manager ? $1000 a month
  • Marketing Director ? $2500 a month
  • Senior Marketing Director ? $5000 a month
  • Regional Director ? $10,000 a month
  • National Director ? $20,000 a month
  • International and Executive Directors ? $30,000 a month

Take the free tour and plug in to our team only marketing sites that are bringing on?huge number of travel agents and the

InCruise Membership Details

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