Empower Network a Scam?


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What the deuce is Empower Network and is it a scam or the real deal?


Started by partners David Wood and David Sharpe, both successful affiliate marketers.

This new business has definitely taken off like a rocket ship and it looks
like they are paying out a record million dollars of commissions in their
first month of business.

Not to shabby.

But really, is empower network a big scam or a realistic way for you to make money?


When you dive in to what it actually is… it’s basically an information product sold online.

It appeals to the budget conscious with an “easy” $25 a month buy in point for a simple blogging
platform and scales up to a $100 a month coaching program and another $500 training video from the

Is it worth it?

Just like any information from people who have been successful in the business… it all depends
if you take action or not.

You must learn how to promote, advertise, and profitably.

Empower network does help because when you make a sale the money goes directly to you to
help pay back your advertising costs asap.

So, is Empower network a scam? My opinion is it’s a hot selling membership site that will only
survive if two things happen… 1) the information and training are worth more than $125 a month and 2) if the majority of people are making money with it.

If you’re looking for a real mentor with training that has changed peoples lives for over 25 years… you want this!

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